Welcome to the Stone Creek HOA Web Site!

Home Improvements
If you plan on making any improvements to your property like those listed above you will simply complete a request form and email the completed form to improvements@stonecreekomaha.com. The HOA committee will review and respond. NOTE: Does not apply to townhomes or villas.

Citizen Patrol
Thank you to John Templeton for forming the Stone Creek Citizen Patrol a number of years ago and for being the coordinator since the start! John as faithfully been attending the Omaha Coalition of Citizen Patrol meetings each month. He is stepping down from the Coordinator position. 

Robert Rakoczy has stepped forward as a volunteer to fill the open Coordinator position.  If you are interested in  finding out what Citizen's patrol is all about, there will be a Training session at the Northwest Police Precinct on Thursday evening, October 8th.  Please contact Robert (robert.rakoczy@stoncreekomaha.com) for more information or to signup.


Proposed Cellular Tower Update

June 26, 2015 the City Council granted a 60 day layover requested by the new Attorney representing the applicant (SBA Communications Corporation). The best explanation for the layover is part of the letter submitted by the Applicant’s Attorney to the City Clerk which stated: “I respectfully request that this case be held over from the scheduled June 23 City Council meeting for an additional 60-day period to allow further time for the Applicant to explore an alternative location for the proposed Broadcast Tower”. The City Council voted unanimously today to lay this case over until August 25, 2015.

The HOA is working with an attorney and request any correspondences to the Omaha City Council be consolidated through: lynn.heller@stonecreekomaha.com

The intent of the website is to keep you updated on the happenings of your Homeowners Association.  This web site it intended only for the use of our members and the residents of the Stone Creek subdivision in the northwest portion of Omaha, Nebraska. The Association can be contacted via email atstonecreekhoa@stonecreekomaha.com or by mail at PO Box 540365, Omaha, NE 68154.  You can also contact any of the Officers and Directors directly.