Welcome to the Stone Creek HOA Web Site!

The intent of the website is to keep you updated on the happenings of your Homeowners Association.  This web site it intended only for the use of our members and the residents of the Stone Creek subdivision in the northwest portion of Omaha, Nebraska. The Association can be contacted via email at stonecreekhoa@cox.net or by mail at PO Box 540365, Omaha, NE 68154.  You can also contact any of the Officers and Directors directly.

 Stone Creek Proposed Cellular Tower Update
The City Council's decided to lay this Application over for 4 weeks.  
  1. Two Council members were absent, so partially it was delayed to bring this before the full Council.
  2. Applicant failed to provide detailed info that was required twice before, so several felt they didn't have adequate info to decide either way.
  3. Aimee Melton (her district is closest to Stone Creek - even though we're an SID & not actually in a city district) grilled Applicant rep as to why she didn't come prepared to give answers, even though previously instructed to do so; Aimee felt Applicant had already had plenty of time to produce the required answers, so she was not in favor of layover.
  4. Applicant rep was questioned at length by several Council members & answers were unsatisfactory.
  5. Council questioned City Planning re: extent of review & expertise done by their office
  6. Council questioned City Attorney re: chances of lawsuit & on what basis this application could be denied without lawsuit; had federal lawsuit on another case, so leery of repeat.
The HOA is working with an attorney and requests any correspondences to the Omaha City Council be consolidated through lynn.heller@stonecreekomaha.com

Annual Meeting & Elections
Information regarding the date and location of the HOA Annual Meeting will be mailed to each member, as well as being posted on  NEXTDOOR. We are planning on having an early summer meeting at the park. If you are interested in becoming a member of the HOA Board of Directors or otherwise volunteering to serve the neighborhood, please contact Mark Williams at mark.williams@stonecreekomaha.com.

Barking Dogs
The City of Omaha ordinance against barking dos applies to Stone Creek. There have been numerous complaints recently regarding barking dogs. Stone Creek is subject to the City Code, Chapter 6, dealing with such matters.
More information can be found on the Nebraska Humane Society website at nehumanesociety.org or the city website www.cityomaha,org. To report a constant nuisance, contact the Nebraska Humane Society at 402-444-7800 while the dog is barking. Responsible neighbors are critical to maintaining our neighborhood values and quality.

Spring is approaching, and with it will begin landscaping and yard maintenance (can hardly wait!!!). Remember your sidewalks. Per City requirements, maintenance and repair of all sidewalks is the responsibility of individual property/lot owners/occupants. Early attention to this matter and completion of their repairs will best protect both sidewalk property owners and users.

Leach Law for Pets
New residents in Stone Creek may not realize that we are subject to the Omaha leash law. All pets must be licensed annually (no later than March 15th, with current rabies vaccination) and must not be allowed to run free. This is for the safety of your pets as well as people. Also, they must wear their license and rabies tags or numbers.
Please tag your dog (or cat, if it's allowed outdoors) with its name, your last name & phone number at a minimum, so that you can be notified if your pet is found somewhere away from its home. Also, if you lose or find an animal, please post it immediately on NEXTDOOR. Licenses can be purchased at the Humane Society, 90th & Fort Street ~ more information on laws & licensing can be found on their web site nehumanesociety.org.

Parking Trailers, Boats, Work Vehicles or Motorhomes in Driveways
We have had complaints regarding residents’ parking trailers, boats, or motor homes in the driveways. Our covenants restrict the parking of such equipment to no more than 20 days during each year. Each lot owner has the right to enforce the neighborhood covenants. This means that any lot owner has the right to request that any person violating this covenant remove his or her equipment. If you have any questions or concerns regarding the Stone Creek covenants or covenant enforcement, please contact Mark Williams at mark.williams@stonecreekomaha.com.

Fellow Golf Course Neighbors
We need to be good neighbors with the Stone Creek Golf Course. Stone Creek residents should not be on the course unless they are paying to be there playing golf. The golf course is private property, just like our other neighbors’ yards; the course is not an extension of our yards, nor is it a public park. Also, flying golf balls are dangerous missiles. We should not be strolling, walking dogs, exploring the ponds, playing in sand traps, sledding, or otherwise trespassing on private property. Conversely, golf etiquette and courtesy, as well as course rules printed on the score cards, expressly designate homeowner property as “out of bounds”; therefore, there should be no golfers in our yards. However, the fact that a few golfers ignore rules and etiquette does not make it safe or acceptable for Stone Creek residents to be on the course.

Report Street Light Outages

Have you noticed a street light on your block or elsewhere that is not functioning? It is important for the safety of our neighborhood that we take the time to report any street light outages. Call OPPD at 1-800-554-6773 and give the location of the light or you may also report an outage at: http://www.oppd.com