Welcome to the Stone Creek HOA web site!

The intent of the website is to keep you updated on the happenings of your Homeowners Association.  This web site it intended only for the use of our members and the residents of the Stone Creek subdivision in the northwest portion of Omaha, Nebraska. The Association can be contacted via email at stonecreekhoa@cox.net or by mail at PO Box 540365, Omaha, NE 68154.  You can also contact any of the Officers and Directors directly.

HOA now overseeing property improvements

The Stone Creek HOA has taken over the roll of approving all improvements to your home and lot after the initial construction. Initial construction will still be approved by Horgan Development.

What does this mean?
All requests for improvements, changes, additions, etc. on all Stone Creek properties once the initial home is constructed will now be submitted to the HOA for approval instead of the developer. This will allow a much faster turnaround for our residents and will help maintain the quality of the neighborhood.
The HOA has the right to enforce the convenants. Previously, only the lot owners and Horgan Development could enforce convenants. The HOA can now take a more proactive approach to ensuring that our neighborhood convenants are fairly enforced for the benefit of all of the property owners.

What is considered an "improvement"?
Any change that you make after construction would be considered an improvement. For instance; fence installation, swing sets, new exterior paint, shingles, pools, landscaping and basketball hoops would all need to be approved by the HOA. This ensures a consistent appearance to all of the lots and prevents any eye sores which could affect property values. Anything that does not meet the requirements laid out in the convenants will not be approved.

What if I made an improvement without the permission from the developer?
Most of the improvements that have already been completed in the neighborhood have met the required convenants and will be allowed to remain unless the HOA has received complaints about the improvement. If complaints have been received, then the HOA will be in contact with the homeowner to either remove / change the improvement or provide written proof that their improvement was in fact approved by the developer.

What do I need to do?
If you plan on making any improvements to your property like those listed above you will simply complete a request form and email the completed form to improvements@stonecreekomaha.com. The HOA committee will review and respond.

Report Street Light Outages

Have you noticed a street light on your block or elsewhere that is not functioning? It is important for the safety of our neighborhood that we take the time to report any street light outages. Call OPPD at 1-800-554-6773 and give the location of the light or you may also report an outage at: http://www.oppd.com